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S-STEM and T-STEM Surveys for NC State K12 Outreach Providers

If you are a non-NC State group interested in using our (free) surveys, please complete this form.

Participation in the MISO project for NC State K12 Outreach Providers is free, easy, completely voluntary, beneficial to your program, and very much appreciated. The MISO project team has developed surveys for teachers (T-STEM) and students (S-STEM). The student survey does not ask your participants to directly rate or critique the content of the program they are participating in, but rather their attitudes toward STEM content and future career paths. The teacher surveys look at how confident teachers are about teaching STEM-related content, 21st century skills, and technology use in the classroom. There are five teacher surveys, one each for Elementary, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics teachers. There are two student surveys, one for Upper Elementary students and one for Middle and High School students.  If you would like to learn more about the surveys, please go to the T-STEM and S-STEM information pages.

NC State K12 Outreach Provider Survey Implementation Steps

1. Inform the MISO Project Coordinator that you plan to implement the survey.

2. Decide whether you would like to implement the surveys via paper or online (Qualtrics). Online is by far the most cost-effective and time-effective, for both program coordinators and the MISO staff. However, we do understand that in some extenuating instances, online submission is not a viable option. For those individuals, we have a pdf version you can use.

3. Plan your location. Some options include: booking a computer lab, using a mobile laptop/iPad cart in the space where you are holding the activity, or having participants complete the survey from their own computer.

4. Choose whether you would like to do pre-surveys and post-surveys, or just a post-survey. You should consult your project evaluator or educational researcher if you are unsure about how you plan on using the data collected from the surveys.

5. Choose your time. Build in adequate time in your program for survey implementation, and make sure your staff is aware of the procedures. Also choose a time when participants don’t feel rushed or pressured to finish quickly.

6. You should plan what type of data you need on your program participants. Different types of data will need different levels of consent from your program participants. Use the MISO Survey Data Flow Chart to help you decide what consents you need for different objectives, variables of interest, and data sources.

7. Hand in any paper consent forms and surveys to the MISO Project Coordinator, or email the coordinator when they have been completed online.

8. The MISO project team will create a summary report for your program, as well as a MISO program report, which includes the aggregate data from all of the NC State MISO program participants.  You can request to look at a sample report to see what sort of information you might receive.

9. Consider attending the MISO workshops, held twice a year, to stay informed about the progress of the MISO project, updates, and network with others in the NC State K-12 STEM outreach community.