The following people and departments have provided the opportunities listed on this site.

Provider Directory

Allen Cannedy
Barry CroomAgricultural and Extension Education
Beth HarrisThe Science House
Dane JohnstonOffice of Continuing Education
Elizabeth Wilson
Engineering Place
Gail Jones
Jamila Simpson
Jesse JurTextile Engineering, Chemistry & Science
John LeeCurriculum and Instruction
Julia RiceDesign Lab for K-12 Education
Katherine RykerMarine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Kathryn CollieTextile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Kelly FairThe Science House
LaTricia TownsendEvaluation
Laura BottomleyAcademic Affairs
Laura Bottomley
Lisa MarshallNuclear Engineering
Liz DriscollHorticultural Science
Lori Lawrence
Matthew Kruger-RossCurriculum, Instruction & Counselor Education
Meg BlanchardScience, Technology, Engineering, and Methematics(STEM) Education
Mitzi Downing
Rebecca Payne
Renee StrnadDepartment of Forestry and Environmental Resources
Rhonda ConlonExtension Information Technology
Roger RussellMaterials Science & Engineering
Samantha BarlowThe Science House
Scott Ragan
Susan D'AmicoAcademic Affairs
Susan ParryKenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science
Taylor GarrisonMAE
Terrence GardnerSoil Science